Flipkart Indian E-commerce Giant has Big Plans For Their Festive Season

Flipkart Kirana Program: Flipkart joined hands with more than 50,000 Kirana stores for their giant festive season ‘Big Billion Days‘.

the number of new Kirana stores joined this year is almost double from the previous year 2019.

by incrementing the Kirana store they now reached to more than 850 cities.

The aim of Flipkart is to make them reach to new places as well as focusing on the delivery speed.

by the inclusion of Kirana stores, they will reach to new places and will be able to make their presence.


as well as the delivery of the product, will be much faster because of the local availability.

due to the involvement of Kirana stores in the E-commerce field, it will help our local retailer to grow much faster.

new Kirana stores can join hand with Flipkart easily through the contactless online method.

they will be needed to share the necessary details which Flipkart.

after all clearance’s they will become a Flipkart certified seller

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How To Join With The Flipkart Kirana Program

Flipkart office

you can easily join the Flipkart Kirana program just by providing the necessary details to Flipkart through online mode.

after proper validation you will be able to enrolled and can start selling on Flipkart.

Flipkart has also organized digital training for new Kirana stores as well as providing important tools like online payment and digital app-based dashboard.

so the new Kirana store’s owner doesn’t face any problem for shifting them self online.

By joining the Flipkart Kirana Program Kirana stores will be able to get all benefits from Flipkart such as the big user base.

having more than millions of customers as well as Flipkart hassle-free Delivery services and many more perks which can lead them to be successful in Flipkart.

Previous year more than 1 million products were sold by Kirana stores on Flipkart.

so it’s a big opportunity for the new Kirana Stores to improve their sales.

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