Neuralink Will Change ManKind Forever: Neuralink BMI Chip,Robot

Imagine you arrived at a place where you not know to communicate with people’s as you are not familiar with their language.

just imagine what can happen if you can communicate with them without knowing the language but by just pressing a button.

yes as Elon Musk said you can feed that language data into your neuralink and can talk to anyone in that region.

so after implementing neuralink you can talk and understand any language just by feeding the data into your neuralink. Elon even said that you can even save and replay your old memories.


so if you have a neuralink in your brain and you visit a place suppose Paris and then you came back to your home

now you will be able to rewind those memories easily within a second.

its seem like a nightmare or some type of movie it will be possible because of the neuralink implementation.

you will be also able to download your memories and will be able to play them and can show it to others also.

Elon said we will make these things possible one day with this chip its a Brain-Machine Interface.

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All About Neuralink (BMI) Chip

(BMI) brain machine interface is a device that connects your brain to a computer

but before achieving those superpower goals which look like a science fiction movie.

Neuralink Charger Dims

Neuralink main focus is to make humans Stop Suffering from anything.

all our senses like touching, smelling, site, hear, taste are electrical signal send by neurons to our brain.

sometime’s the signals are not wired properly.

what Neuralink is focusing on to make rewire the circuits so that the paralyse can walk, a deaf can hear, someone who cant see can see the world.

as well also treat other neurological disorder’s like depression, insomnia, Ellesmere and many more.

the battery last full day and can be charged by just wearing a cap like in a smart watch.

the new prototypes are completely different from the 2019 version the new one is just a chip a size of a coin.

which sits in the skull of your brain with tiny wires.

the wires or threads are 10 times thinner then the human hairs. and represent electrodes.

Neuralink update Elon Musk

the electrodes figure out what’s happening in the brain by reading out the signals send from neurons.

then stimulating as neurons as many as possible.

this technology is not new but what make neuralink differ from other is that it will insert more electrodes then a normal neural interface.

which have been never seen before.

as a comparison Utah Array is one of the best BMI out there and considered one of the best right now it has around 100 electrode channels

while the neuralink has about 1024 electrode channels.

which is significantly more than 10 times.

also, the threads are thinner and flexible greatly reducing the risk of piercing blood vessels and potentially causing catastrophic damage.

Elon Musk Surgical Robot

Neuralink surgical robot

humans are not capable of making this much precision required for the surgery,

at the cost of a few thousand dollars this robot can do the full surgery under an hour leaving the chip relatively consoled.

however, there is time to start the human trials.

we don’t know how much time it may take to get the neuralink for your’s but it will not be easy for them.

many problems like data security arriving and as it’s still being only tested on pigs and not on humans.

so we can’t tell right now whether it will be safe for humans or not.

but what we can imagine is that it can be the next step where humans and Artificial Intelligence or the so-called AI can work together.

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