PMWL, Pubg season zero day 4 btr looking strong to win it too

PMWL, a celebration of blood and activity starts on the grounds of PUBG Mobile. RRQ Athena, Bigetron, and BOX Gaming remain on the top. TSM-Entity and Team Secret perform amazingly today, climbing the leaderboards fastly. T1 plays fantastic in the present games and looks solid entering the fabulous finale and this time BTR team looking strong to win.


The principal map overflowed with activity directly from the beginning. Jonathan from TSM dispatches an assault on T1 and right away gets two executes at the earliest reference point of this guide.

GXR Celtz and KOG Club battled in the condos close to the School region, the two sides took overwhelming harm during this battle however KOG Club went ahead top, cleaning Celtz at the expense of two players.

Another battling triangle was framed between NOVA-GodLike, Orange Rock, and Team IND. Divine exploited this battle and gradually cleaned both of the groups, however lost such huge numbers of players.


TSM-Entity at first had the zone advantage for scarcely any circles however as they moved out, they began a stroll of fear. They certainly pushed onto Team Secret, clearing them out and completing the last two players.

TSM-Entity won the guide with 13 executes and 33 focuses.

KOG Club ranks second with 6 kills and 16 focuses.

T1 ranks third with one executes and 15 focuses.


Vikendi and its overly moderate guide pace are extremely ok for the players however not exceptionally engaging for the watchers. Groups securely dropped to their own urban areas and mixes and plundered up for quite a while.

The zone move was uniform to such an extent that very few groups needed to pivot in after the main zone. This prompted basically no battles occurring everywhere, only barely any thumps and kills were viewed as no battle broke till the clock ticked 15 minutes mark.

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At the point when the slaughter feed quit running, it was four groups left on the battlegrounds. Megastars were wiped out while attempting to pivot into the zone. KOG Club cleaned the whole RRQ crew with an explosive. BOX Gaming dominated the match in the wake of clearing out KOG Club toward the end.

BOX Gaming won the guide with 7 murders and 27 focuses.

KOG Club positions second with 7 kills and 21 focuses.

RRQ Athena ranks third with 6 murders and 16 focuses.


Miramar is a guide of with huge zone and sloping territory to mess about. This makes the battles to begin moderate, and proceed for quite a while. A comparable meta was found in this match also.

U Level UP and MORPH Team battled against one another toward the beginning. The two of them played around the slopes however U Level UP had a solid crossfire arrangement which drove MORPH Team to lose two players at an opportune time, bringing down just one as exchange kill.

TSM-Entity was in a good situation into the zone yet in one way or another they wound up in a compartment where Team Secret completed them out. Group Secret at that point drove the charge against Orange Rock in the last stages and cleared them out without any problem.

RRQ Athena had a high edge advantage and used it to get a few slaughter yet at long last zone moved underneath the mountain and they needed to get down to confront Team Secret.

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RRQ Athena dominated the game with 14 slaughters and 34 focuses.

Group Secret positioned second with 9 kills and 23 focuses.

Value the Murder positioned third with 3 slaughters and 13 focuses.


T1 and MORPH Team stirred up some dust in Bootcamp while a few players were skimming noticeable all around. T1 immediately accumulated the plunder that they found and fought back on MORPH who attempted to grab their drop area. The transform Team was cleared out right off the bat in this guide.

Sanhok, the guide of astonishments had something coming up once more. T1, the group vigorously depending on arrangement focuses piled on executes directly from the earliest starting point, and furthermore got some outsider slaughters all the while.

A bizarre battle occurred between Orange Rock and Valdus Esports. Valdus figured out how to cross to a mountain go where both of these groups conflict in pretty much every match played in Sanhok. Orange Rock despite everything appeared to be unconscious of this turn and was part. Valdus figured out how to take some murder while Orange Rock additionally exchanged a couple of executes.

As the zone contracted, groups began to drop individually and the numbers were dropping exceptionally quick. KOG, RRQ, and BTR got not many slaughter in the process where KOG figured out how to wipe Bigetron and win this guide.

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Lord of Gamers Club won the guide with 12 murders and 32 focuses.

Bigetron RA positioned second with 6 kills and 20 focuses.

T1 positioned third with 11 murders and 15 focuses.


The last guide of the day was activity stuffed right from the beginning. Orange Rock, Valdus Esports, and T1 battled against one another close to the water city territory. T1 pursued Valdus into the neighboring city and cleared them out totally.

Some appalling completions were seen from numerous groups. Groups like KOG Club, RRQ Athena, and U Level UP were cleaned immediately as they get pulverized by their rivals. TSM-Entity totally ruled the match while entering the center periods of the guide. Neyoo from TSM was out of control mode, he was the main player scoring high slaughters for the group.

TSM-Entity and Team Secret were the titans in this match as they walked forward, trampling different groups. The two of them confronted one another and TSM cleared them out in an absolute commanding manner.

The match was looking to totally go under the control of TSM however their fantasy was broken by MJ of Celtz. He handles a projectile and gets two-moment thumps, pushes forward, and wipes whole TSM without anyone else.

GXR Celtz dominates the game with 5 slaughters and 25 focuses.

TSM-Entity ranks second with 12 kills and 22 focuses.

Group Secret position third with 10 slaughters and 18 focuses.


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