PUBG may get unban in India very soon? real Truth and new update

PUBG unban in India? PUBG officials said they are trying very hard to bring PUBG back in India.

Officials said ” we are trying hard to bring PUBG back in India. we are already in touch with the government regarding the issues.

and trying very hard to fix the problem as soon as possible so that PUBG can be back.

However, PUBG is still not available in google play store and apple app store.

but players are still able to play the game until PUBG turn off the Indian servers.

PUBG unban in India Statement

many players are admitting they are facing many problems during playing the game like mic glitch and they were not able to hear their teammate’s voices.

More on PUBG unban in India?

These problems may be rising because of the shutdown process which is going on already.

PUBG official said they may bring a new version of PUBG no one knows.

they also admitted that in the new PUBG mobile game for India specific they may break the partnership with Tencent.

because of this Statement, there is a big chance that the Ban may get up Lifted.


PUBG unban in India? New Update

PUBG officials earlier said the new update will release on September 7.

however, because of the Ban they were not able to push the update as the game was removed from the play store and apple store.

some players were still able to update the game through other sources and were able to play and enjoy the new update.

the update contains a completely new user interface for the Home screen and lobby and also brings the new Erangel map 2.0 in the new update.

PUBG  mobile Erangel 2.0

Erangel 2.0 Update

the new version of Erangel “Erangel 2.0” contains the same places as the old map was having but has a lot of changes in the look and structures of buildings and more vegetation was included in the game.

while the new Erangel consists of many broken buildings that were not in the previous version the Dbs were also now available with the other guns and were removed from the airdrop.

the places which are looking completely different is the military base, Pochinki, Novo, Milta power, factory, and Georgopol

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